Empowering You and your loved ones with Frequency Shifting Reiki Sound Healing!

Reiki Sound Healing combines the power of Reiki's Universal Life Energy with Frequency Shifting Sound Therapy to promote, rebalance and enhance the state of your unique, optimal Health and Well-BEing!

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I could not recommend Diane and Loraine more highly.  I could feel the immense and extremely healing power in their hands the moment we started.  An incredible experience that was one of the most transformational things I have ever gone through. Not only was I able to heal physical pain by releasing the anger associated with the injury, I was able to release trauma from my heart.  I feel like a new woman.  I am vibrating higher and feel light, happy and renewed. Loraine and Diane provided a safe, warm and nurturing environment to guide me through the entire process.  I had never done Reiki and after one session with these ladies, I am dedicated to the practice. Trust that these two women can change your life, if you let them. –DeAna Lee Agresto, Kundalini Meditation Instructor

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