What is Sound Healing?




At Radiant Resources, we know that we are all constructed by and through an innate, unique energy frequency that can be thought of as our personal energy signature. Reiki Sound Therapy provides a safe and empowered energy field within which our clients can access and influence their innate healing capabilities using Intention and applied frequency and resonance entrainment to reestablish healthy, vibrant frequencies throughout the body. Within this field, clients can access and respond to messages from their bodies, cells, minds, hearts and consciousness to resolve blockages, release pain, balance chakras and raise their overall frequency signature.

For example, science has proven that an Otto 128 cps tuning fork will spike nitric oxide production throughout the body balancing the autonomic nervous system and signaling a natural release of anti-bacterials, anti-virals, and free radicals on a microcellular level.


Scientifically, an energy field is defined as a medium that connects two or more points in space through energy expressed as tone or vibration. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms are generated by an underlying energy field. If we change the energy field, we can influence the physical, emotional, and mental behavior patterns.


Energy fields are normally invisible to us, but we can see their effects. Cymatic experiments, where plates attached to oscillators are used to create patterns in various substances like powders, sand, or water, dynamically demonstrate how frequencies create structured patterns. Change the vibration and the visual pattern changes as well. Your bones, like these plates, create sounding boards that amplify frequencies applied using tuning forks and dynamically entrain resonant frequencies in your body. Your ears, cells, the fluids in your body, the organs in your body, and mental and emotional energy field systems are all affected by the sound waves and vibrations emitted by therapeutic tuning forks.







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